Workshop »Networking for ecological connectivity and green infrastructure«

19th Sep 2017

The Workshop  »Networking for Ecological Connectivity and Green Infrastructure« will be one of several dialogue events planned within the AlpGov project, that aims at addressing in a strategic way relevant target groups and stakeholders and involve them in developing concrete activities and strategic initiatives for implementation of EUSALP AG7 goals.

It will be an opportunity for dialogue between different organisations interested in implementation of projects on ecological connectivity, focusing on the east part of the Alpine Region but with open possibilities for the wider EUSALP implementation.

Discussion will be focused on:

- Multi-functionality and connectivity of green infrastructure;
- Relation between ecological connectivity and ecosystem services;
- Embedding ecological connectivity in spatial and cross sectoral planning;
- Key stakeholders for implementing an ecological connectivity project and how existing projects and partnerships can be capitalised 

(On the photo: Tolmin, Slovenia – Alpine town of the year 2016) 


<p>Nature reserve Škocjanski zatok, Koper, Slovenia.</p>



Wed 13th Sep 2017