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Newsletter December 2018

December 2018




The youth project contest "Pitch Your Project to the EU!" for ideas on how to shape the Alpine Region as an attractive living space was a great success and a motivating experience! The European Commission and the Tyrolean EUSALP Presidency called on young people between 16 and 25 years to pitch their project to the EU. They were invited to submit their project application concerning the challenges of the Alpine Region. Within three months, 50 young people from five different Alpine countries participated with 17 extraordinary project ideas-ready for "shaping.future.together". A jury of representatives working for the Alpine Region selected five finalists to pitch their project at the 2nd EUSALP Annual Forum 2018. The audience was requested to vote for its favourites. Prizes worth 5,000, 3,000 and 2,000 EUR awaited the three contest winners. The finalists held five well prepared and exciting pitches for projects concerning job opportunities and linkages between skilled young people and the business environment, nature protection and economic efficiency, Alpine cultural heritage as well as affordable and facilitated mobility in the Alps. The projects "Alpine Ticket Network Meeting" (1st prize), "Beehave" (2nd prize) and "Magical Alps" (3rd prize) were awarded. Jean-Pierre Halkin from the European Commission and Florian Mast from the Tyrol handed over the prizes to the lucky winners. We are now looking forward to the implementation of the projects!









To anchor youth in the long term in the activities of EUSALP, the Tyrolean presidency has started, together with Switzerland, Liechtenstein, CIPRA and Alpine Town of the Year, the process "youth.shaping.EUSALP". A group of young people between 15 and 28 from all over the Alpine Region met on 19 November in Innsbruck with members from the EUSALP Executive Board to discuss possible elements of an "Action Plan for Youth Participation". Their ideas will be further concretized in a second workshop in January 2019 and discussed together with the Executive Board at the next Executive Board meeting in February in Milan.



EUSALP Annual Forum under the motto "shaping.future.together. with the next generation"

The Tyrolean Presidency of EUSALP has reached its highlight with the Annual Forum that took place in Innsbruck on 20 and 21 November. The event, which was organised together with the European Commission under the motto "shaping.future.together.with the next generation", attracted more than 1,000 participants from the entire Alpine region. Together with EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn, Günther Platter, Governor of the Tyrol, presented the results of the Tyrolean presidency, during which strong efforts were made to shape a balanced transport policy for the Alpine corridors and to strengthen supra-regional mobility, for example through combined ticket and information systems. Another emphasis was placed on the importance of dual education. Furthermore, the support of Alpine soils is reflected in a "Declaration on Sustainable Land Use and Soil Protection". The focus of the Annual Forum was on the engagement of young people: "More than 350 young people were present at the Annual Forum. Their ideas and opinions will bring a breath of fresh air and new perspectives to EUSALP," said Platter. Young people from all over the Alpine Region participated in a pitch in which three promising projects were selected and awarded during the event. Find photos and material of the event at:









Action Group 1

Open Innovation in pipeline

The Annual Forum in Innsbruck was a very concrete opportunity for discussion and exchange of ideas among those who believe in and are committed  to implementing the strategy. AG1 would like to thank the European Commission for taking part in the workshop on Open Innovation. In particular, it was underlined that Research and Innovation are crucial for growth and development, recalling the Commission's commitment through the instruments proposed in the new programming period 2021-2027, such as Horizon Europe and the new cooperation instrument "Interregional Investment Initiative", funded by Interreg. AG1 will commit itself to building an effective innovation ecosystem starting from the concept of Open Innovation and its tools. Thematic smart specialisation platforms should be the way with which to promote interregional cooperation at macro-regional level. Ag1 would also like to thank the hundreds of visitors to the stand who, particularly on the first day of opening, visited it and asked for information on ecosystems of research and innovation at European level. We would also like to thank the more than one hundred people who registered for the newsletter and filled in the questionnaires on communication and POK, which they could experience directly at the stand and in the workshop. More info on the workshop "Promoting open innovation in the EUSALP macro-region: experiences from the Alpine Regions" here.

See you all at the 3rd Annual Forum in Lombardy in November 2019 under the Italian Presidency!


Action Group 2

AG2 projects presented at EUSALP 2nd Annual Forum of Innsbruck

At EUSALP 2nd Annual Forum of Innsbruck AG2 presented two projects:
The project “Triple Wood” aims at promoting a sustainable wood building culture in the EUSALP Region by featuring good examples of wooden buildings, seminars, and public events all over the Alpine Region and presented a remarkable example of a wooden construction.
The project “CIRCULALPS” targets at supporting circular and bio-economies in the Alpine timber sector and showed the benefits of additional value chains by using discarded wood as raw materials for products.
A new Subgroup “Digital Industry” is currently being set up and is discussing possible future activities.

The two following conferences, resulting from this process and co-funded by AG2, will take place in December 2018:

  • “Heilkraft der Alpen” -  an international conference on Alpine health tourism. 6-7 December 2018 in Bad Hofgastein (AT)

  • BOOSTALPS – Workshop & Brokerage Event ”Fostering cross fertilization value chains to boost competitiveness in EUSALP Regions”.18 December 2018 in Milan (IT)


Action Group 3

Action plan for Dual Education in the Alpine region

At the presence of the Governor of Tyrol, Mr. Platter, the Action Group 3 presented the calendar on the 10 points action plan for Dual Education in the Alpine regionThe document is based on a study, carried out by INAPP (Italian National Institute for the Analysis of National Policies), that involves all seven countries of EUSALP and their regions, that share the presence of a dual system, integrated into the education and training system with weaker or stronger links.
The 10 points are related to 5 priority areas, such as governance, attractiveness, quality, innovation and transnational mobility of apprentices. The objective of the 10 points plan is to have a catalogue with the important features of well performing dual systems and to encourage the regions to improve their own systems, where necessary, and to foster the collaboration in favor of the mobility of apprentices, teachers and trainers.
After the insights given during the 2nd Forum on Dual Education in the Alpine Region held in Telfs on the 9 November 2018, the release of the calendar with the 10 points plan in occasion of the 2nd EUSALP Annual Forum and the complete study of INAPP with detailed indications on the harmonization of the dual systems will be presented in February 2019.


Action Group 4

AG4 strengthens youth collaboration in mobility

True to the motto of the 2nd EUSALP Annual Forum 2018 "shaping.future.together. with the next generation" the AG4 put the focus on strengthening of youth collaboration in mobility. In two separate workshops the topic of cross-border passenger mobility was discussed and the first results of the ARPAF project Cross-Border were presented. The collection of existing solution models for cross-border mobility have been identified and published, whereas the analysis of cross‐border commuter flows will be available by December 2018.
Under the Tyrolean EUSALP presidency the AG4 developed an overview of existing pricing components that influence the competitiveness between road and rail in fright transport, under consideration of pricing components like energy and car taxations, infrastructure charges and subsidies. Based on this study the AG4 is defining joint measures to further support the modal shift policy in the Alpine Region.
What are the funding opportunities in the upcoming EU budget for the Alpine regions to contribute towards a greener, carbon free and more connected Europe? This question was discussed together with AG4 members, the Commission DG Move, DG Regio and the Committee of the Regions COTER during the AG4 exchange evening event following the 9th meeting of the EUSALP AG4 on 6-7 November in Brussels.


Action Group 5

AG5’s initiatives showed at 2nd EUSALP Annual Forum in Innsbruck

Action Group 5 was present at the 2nd EUSALP Annual Forum in Innsbruck with an exhibition booth to present the strategic initiatives developed within the work of the AG.
In order to achieve greater public participation, an interactive quiz was created to test the knowledge of the participants on the issues of connectivity and availability of services of general interest within the Alpine arc.
At the same time, an interactive demo on a possible project on 3D landscape model was presented by the Bavarian State Office for Survey and Geoinformation and the Technical University of Munich to illustrate its potential and areas of application.
Finally, a joint workshop with Action Group 4 was held on the topic of Cross-border mobility, underlining that the phenomenon of cross-border commuting is widespread in the Alps but that it is necessary to bring the issue to the attention of policy makers.
To achieve this result, the first outcomes of the ARPAF project “Cross-border mobility in the Alpine region” were presented during the workshop and a debate with experts on the topics covered fed the discussion with the participants of the event.


Action Group 6

Action Group 6 @ the EUSALP Annual Forum: Soil as focus topic

At the 2nd EUSALP Annual Forum Action Group 6 (AG6), co-led by the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention and the Land Carinthia, was able to present its activities on its three sub-topics in multiple ways. During the General Assembly representatives of the States and Regions of the EUSALP acknowledged the Declaration on sustainable land use and soil protection, which was elaborated by AG6 and has been supported by 6 Alpine States and 20 Regions in a written procedure during the autumn. Moreover, the AG6 market stand at the networking village highlighted the AG’s activities related to these topics. Furthermore, students of the Youth Parliament of the Alpine Convention and the project “Next Generation 2030” on the perspectives of young mountain farmers initiated by the Bavarian EUSALP presidency 2017 contributed to attracting many visitors to the market stand. AG6 also co-organized two successful workshops: one with AGs 2, 3 and the Interreg Alpine Space Project YOUrALPS on future visions for the EUSALP regarding economy, education, nature and culture; the other together with AGs 2, 7 and 9 on Alpine Forests. 
In the picture: Governor Platter and EU Commissioner Hahn visited the AG6 stand at the Networking Village


Action Group 7

“Green infrastructure city network is growing at the occasion of the Annual Forum”

An environmentally friendly and greener infrastructure in the cities of the Alpine regions: The province of Tyrol will in future support the city network of the EU project LOS_DAMA! This was sealed on Wednesday, 21 November 2018, with the signing by environmental officer LH-Stvin Ingrid Felipe in the framework of the EUSALP 2nd Annual Forum in Innsbruck. Already on Tuesday, 20 November 2018, the city of Innsbruck joined the city network, which includes Vienna, Graz and Salzburg
"Tyrol acts as 'supporter' within the network. This means that we, as well as other major cities in the Alpine region, are making a significant contribution to establishing our state capital as well as to establishing a green infrastructure and strategically planning and implementing the network of urban, natural and semi-natural areas. Whether as a recreational area for people, animals and plants, to secure the supply of food, water and raw materials or to protect against flooding,  thanks to a green infrastructure economy and nature should be in harmony ", LH-Stvin Felipe points out that already in October of the previous year signed a declaration of EUSALP Action Group 7 entitled "Green Infrastructure in the Alps - uniting forces for nature, people and the economy".  

Read the Joint declaration of Alpine States and Regions


Action Group 8

How will the young generation manage future protection against natural hazards?

The 2nd Annual Forum was the perfect opportunity for AG8 to present the Action Group and the results of its work to interested visitors and particularly to young people. At the AG8 stand in the Networking Village, visitors informed themselves about current projects and studies dealing with climate change adaption and natural hazards prevention and explored the contribution of forest to protection against rock fall in an interactive scale model.
At the AG8 workshop “Natural Hazard Risk Management in a changing climate – the next generation” more than 30 teenagers were entrusted with developing an integrated protection concept for an imaginary municipality in the alpine region. To get familiar with the topic Anton Mattle, mayor of Galtür, gave an exciting speech about the protection against natural hazards in his home municipality in Tyrol. Finding a solution was a very difficult task for the teenagers, but they elaborated a very satisfying cooperation between affected persons, stakeholders and local politics. Even natural hazard experts were amazed by the high quality and creativity of the younger generation to meet the future challenges of natural hazards in a changing climate.


Action Group 9

March 2019: Strategic event on energy efficiency in enterprises in the EUSALP MRS

On 20 and 21 March 2019 in Bolzano decision-makers, administrations, businesses and R&D will gather to discuss how energy efficiency in Alpine enterprises can be strategically promoted in the EUSALP. Together, they will concretize a wider trend-setting framework that will foster and support energy efficiency policies in enterprises in the Alpine region with the aim of making its economy more competitive and sustainable while creating new opportunities for the green economy sector.
The event is organized by EUSALP Action Group 9 and under the umbrella of the 2019 EUSALP Presidency Programme. Participation in the event is free of charge. However, prior online registration is necessary. Further details about the event will be published here.