Steering Committee

On December 20th, 2013 the European Council mandates the European Commission to prepare, in cooperation with Member States, an EU Alpine Strategy by June 2015.
The European Commission, States and Regions established a Steering Committee accompanying the preparation of the Strategy.
The Steering Committee is equally composed of representatives from Alpine States and Regions, and chaired by the European Commission. Two international organizations/structures are in the SC as observers: the Alpine Convention and the Alpine Space Programme.


12th Meeting of the EUSALP Steering Committee
Brdo - Slovenia | 26.01.2016

Transition from Steering Committee to the Executive Board
Members of the Steering Committee were asked to communicate to the European Commission up to 3 members per country as official delegation to be presented at the Executive Board meetings.
Conclusion: Some countries informed already the EC about the national members of future Executive Board, others should inform EC by 15 February 2016. EC will then circulate the final list of Executive Board Members.

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Brussels | 20.01.2014

Munich - Germany | 20.02.2014

  • following the decisions taken at the Steering Committee in Munich, a thematic subgroups meeting was organized in Milan (I) – 24th March 2014

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Innsbruck - Austria | 3-4.04.2014

    following the decisions taken at the Steering Committee in Innsbruck, another thematic subgroups meeting was organized in Lucerne (CH) – 28th April 2014

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Lucerne - Switzerland | 28.04.2014

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Milan - Italy | 7.05.2014

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Chambery - France | 12-13.06.2014

Brussels | 8.10.2014

Zurich - Switzerland | 13-14.11.2014