Research & Innovation Ecosystems

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May 2016 to June 2019
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AG1 - Subgroup 1


Anna Giorgi (AG Leader), Lombardy Region - IT
Coordinators: Valentina Pinna and Tina Usaj
Christoph Häusler (AG Member) - Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (Dep. for international Research Cooperation) - AT
Roberta Bottarin (AG Member), Delegate for the Italian Ministry for Environment - IT
Leo Miglio (AG Member) + team, Lombardy Region and EUPOLIS - IT
Valentina Pinna (AG Member), Lombardy Region - Delegation in BXL - IT
Margherita Russo (AG Member), Italian Ministry for Education, Research and University - IT
Tina Usaj (AG Member), Delegation Alpenraum - SI
Umberto Bondi (AG Member) - Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland DMC - CH
Marie-Christine Fourny (AG Member) - Laboratory of Excellence for Innovation and Mountain Territories - FR


The subgroup is working to map and analyse the 3S Strategies in the innovation areas, their topics and results. A collaboration with the bodies and institutions operating on the same topic such as JRC, EUSALP Regions, etc. will be established in order to capitalize already available results and data and to create a pro-active dialogue between them and AG1 concerning Research and Innovation.

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Action Group 1