EUSALP Energy Survey

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January 2016 to December 2017
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Subgroup 1: Regional Energy Strategies


Rhone-Alpes (LEAD), South Tyrol (CO-LEAD), Trentino, Liguria, Salzburg, St. Gallen


The EUSALP energy survey will provide fundamental knowledge about regional energy data.

The survey was elaborated by Focus Group 1 (Regional Energy Strategies) and consisted of 4 parts: (1) collection of general energy data, (2) information about remaining potentials of renewable energy sources in the EUSALP regions, (3) medium and long term energy policy goals according to regional energy roadmaps and instruments for its implementation, (4) screening of regional interest vis-a-vis EUSALP. The survey was contributed to all EUSALP members in a timeframe of three months as an online questionnaire.

The evaluation and analysis of the survey results will be published with a final report by 10/2017.



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Action Group 9