Methodology for a systematic assessment of individual projects



Activity dates: 
February 2017 to October 2020
Action’s description: 

The EUSALP AG4 Assessment Methodology for Individual Projects is an activity brought into being under the first AG4 Work Plan 2016-2019, taken on under Work Plan 2020-2022.

In a first step, a task force composed of AG4 members dedicated itself to the development of a methodology allowing for the assessment of projects in the transport and mobility sector according to pre-defined criteria. The developed methodology serves to identify projects with a relevance for the fostering of sustainable mobility solutions in the Alpine Region from a macroregional perspective.

The methodology defines the criteria by which the projects are to be evaluated. These criteria are divided into two sets of criteria: 1) the project coherence with factual and political project targets, in particular in line with general EUSALP objectives; and 2) the project performance which includes criteria in three pillars: economy, society and environment.

The awarded EUSALP AG4 Label can be used to communicate its endorsement by the macroregion to decision-making authorities who are in the position to promote the implementation of the respective project and/or to provide adequate financial support.

So far, two rounds of assessments took place. A first round of assessments was finalised in December 2020, a second round was finalised in October 2021. In total 20 projects received EUSALP AG4 Label.