Papers, studies, articles and interesting contributions about the Alpine Region

Green Hydrogen for the Alps - A meta-study on renewable hydrogen uses...

Lorenzo Menin, Stefano Piazzi, Daniele Antolini
5th Apr 2022
Against the background of the climate policy objectives of the "Green Deal" for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050, the topic of hydrogen is currently receiving renewed attention.

How digitalization changes the delivery of Services of General...

5th Oct 2021
Services of General Interest SGI and digital accessibility are an important topic within the Macroregional strategy for the Alpine area EUSALP.

Compendium of the Smart SMEs project

30th Jul 2021
Since the launch of the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP), a number of topics that need further investigation and preparatory action in order to achieve the set goals were identified.

Report on Policy recommendations based on findings

16th Jun 2021
This report was produced within the framework of the Smart SME’s project funded by the Alpine Region Preparatory Action Fund (ARPAF).

Building a Sustainable Network for Smart SMEs in the Alpine Region

16th Jun 2021
The project Smart SMEs aims to improve the use of digital solutions to increase the competitiveness of SMEs in natural fibre value chains in the Alpine region (e.g. wood, hemp, organic waste etc).

Smart SMEs - Conceptualization of new approaches

16th Jun 2021
In work Package 4 Smart SMEs project expanded the scope of previous activities addressing the hurdles and drivers to foster digitalization of the whole value chain rather than focusing on the

Analysis of transferability of the methodology to other value chains

7th May 2021
The report aims to address the issue of the digital gap of the value chain, focusing on the use cases wood and agrifood, for the part consisting of SMEs in the Alpine chain.

WP 4 Action plan for digitalization of value chains

7th May 2021
This document individuates an action plan to boost the digitalization of bio-based value chains. The plan is intended to be a starting point for future projects tackling this issue.

How to finance a Smart village project

7th May 2021
AG5 has established an overview on actual financial support mechanisms for Smart villages and Smart regions in the Alpine area.

Smart villages – using the potentials of digitalization in the Alpine...

7th May 2021
Digitalization offers huge potentials for mountain and rural areas. The Smart villages approach helps to use these potentials.