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The Platform of Knowledge is a technological public platform aimed at supporting AGs leaders, members, EUSALP board, EU team and related people, to connect them and facilitate knowledge and dialogue while making different targets (policy makers, stakeholders, researchers, citizens) aware about EUSALP, its projects, results and impact. The platform contains several tools, some of which are accessible to all users, others only to EUSALP members and registered people.

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Latest News

How can ski resorts get smart?

16th Jul 2020
Transdisciplinary approaches to sustainable winter tourism in the European Alps

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Mapping the governance in the research...

28th Jun 2019

According to the objectives of the AlpGov project, Action Group 1 is working to map the governanc


AlpGov 2

January 2020 to June 2022
Implementing Alpine Governance Mechanisms of the European Strategy for the Alpine Region
30% Complete

A-RING: Alpine Region Research and...

October 2019 to March 2022
Most of EUSALP regions developed Smart Specialisation Strategies S3/RIS based on European Co
41% Complete

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e-Learning Area

Start-ups and Technology Transfer in Innovation Ecosystems in South-East Europe and Alpine Region...

Fri 16th Nov 2018 - 08:30

EUSALP Italian Presidency 2019

Mon 28th Jan 2019 - 10:09

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Urban sensing

Latest updates

Here’s the most recent contents published by the EUSALP Groups

Title Updated date

Creating a strategic policy framework for the implementation of modal shift


17th Sep 2020

Methodology for a systematic assessment of individual projects


17th Sep 2020

Investigating the potentials of innovative propulsion systems and fuels


17th Sep 2020

Enhancing the accessibility of local and regional transport links on the...


16th Sep 2020
Title Updated date

Manifesto: Together to shape a sustainable and resilient Alpine region


16th Sep 2020

Alpine Platform of Knowledge for Mobility and Transport


16th Sep 2020

Preparatory study and dialogue events with strategic implementation partners to...


16th Sep 2020

Study on External Costs in Mountain Areas


16th Sep 2020

Strategic funding

EU, national and regional Funding Programs of interest for EUSALP area

AG1 staff is mapping all EU, national and regional Funding Programs for R&I with a possible impact on the Alpine Region. All collected data will be available for users, together with the complete analysis and an infographic overview.

R&I Funding instruments at Regional level

January 2019