A-RING: Alpine Region Research and Innovation Capacity

Shared by: 
Action Group 1 - Research and Innovation
Lead organization: 
University of Milan

Most of EUSALP regions developed Smart Specialisation Strategies S3/RIS based on European Commission requirements however there is still a little focus on a transnational approach of the triple helix for the strategic Alpine Region’s topics, such as Digital Divide, Climate Change, Biodiversity conservation, Advanced Manufacturing, Tourism, ICT, etc. 

A-RING addresses the need to:
•pool efforts in tackling major challenges with joint R&I approach steering EU Open Innovation path.
•foster the alignment between different R&I policy initiatives and institutional frameworks to effectively address societal challenges.


The project aims at establishing the basis for an effective and permanent transnational cooperation among different levels and actors, to develop shared R&I policies for the Alpine Regions. The specifc objectives are:

  • Ensure strong focus and shared ownership on R&I strategic positioning in Alpine Regions
  • Anticipate regulations focused on shared topics of Alpine Regions importance necessary to promote a joint S3 approach
  • Promote transnational collaboration among R&I centres, Uni & BS on uptake of R&I results in Alpine Regions-related main topics

Project partners:


More information available on the project website: 

Start and closure dates: 
October 2019 to March 2022