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Building the next generation of research on territorial development

27th Sep 2019

In the current debate on post-2020 EU Cohesion Policy, it is important to capitalise on two pillars of ongoing policy programmes: macro-regional strategies (MRSs) (European Commission 2017a) and the Research and Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) (Foray et al. 2012; Foray 2015; McCann 2015; McCann and Ortega-Argilés 2015). If the EU macro-regions are considered relevant territorial units to enhance bottom-up policy planning in support of development policies across sectors, how can integrated territorial development be supported?

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Action Group 8
Karin Weber, Anna Dopler, Wolfgang Lexer, Doris Damyanovic
20th Sep 2019

Thesis paper on SGI

Action Group 5
30th Aug 2019

Report on the implementation of the EU-Strategy for the Alpine Region

12th Jul 2019

Energy storage in the EUSALP region - Review of options for a safe and sustainable development

Action Group 9
Marko Hočevar, Lovro Novak, Gašper Rak
30th Jun 2019

Comparative study on the governance structure and energy policies in EU macro-regional strategies

Action Group 9
Jorge Núñez Ferrer, Mihnea Cătuţi Cristian Stroia, Julie Bryhn
6th Jun 2019