Mapping the governance in the research and innovation field

Publication date: 
Friday, 28 June, 2019

According to the objectives of the AlpGov project, Action Group 1 is working to map the governance concerning the R&I sector at the EU, national and regional level. 

The research team (January 2018-June 2019) has surveyed the literature, documents and data in English and in all the Alpine languages in order to get the most comprehensive view and support with indications and guidelines the process of harmonization among the 48 Regions.


  • Socioeconomic comparative analysis of regions in the EU-28
  • RIS3 in macroregional strategies: tools to design and monitor integrated territorial development paths
  • Perspectives on RIS3s: a classification of topics emerging from automatic text analysis

A research team is working in collaboration with the Subgroup 4, asking each AG1's member, as national and regional delegates, to return the information required on innovation policy calls.

Find below the summary of the reports delivered:

  • R&I IN EUSALP COUNTRIES AND REGIONS - Grounded on the analysis of ESI Funds, an overview on innovation in the EUSALP area is delivered.
  • RIS3 - Grounded on the database downloaded on 1st October 2018, the paper presents a new analysis considering the discussion at the Ljubjana Plenary meeting. It contains a focus on the RIS3 priorities on "Bio economy, Blue Economy & Energy”. 
  • INTERREG - The overview on Interreg projects across EUSALP regions provides hints on the cooperation experiences already undertaken in the EUSALP area, suggesting the existence of networks of relationships among stakeholders within the EUSALP area and neighbouring territories.
  • INFRASTRUCTURES SUPPORTING RESEARCH AND INNOVATION - This deliverable focuses on the infrastructures in support of (public, private and public-private) partnerships. The analysis highlights the characteristics of these infrastructures, referring to available resources, type of governance, involved areas of expertise, and business models. It summarises the activities carried on by the Re-search Alps project (financed by the EU CEF Telecom Programme), whose goal is publishing a web-based open dataset describing private and public laboratories, research and innovation centers existing in the Alpine Area (the platform is available at the following link). A comparative analysis between Re-Search Alps platform and the platform on Open innovation of Lombardy Region is presented.
  • STRATEGY PAPER on R&I governance policies and instruments.

The following scientific papers, databases and interactive tool derived from the study promoting dissemination and knowledge implementation on EUSALP framework and the other MRSs:




AN INTERACTIVE TOOL for policy makers, stakeholders, researchers and public