Roadshow stop #2 in Trieste: Smart Villages

Meeting topic: 


Location: Savoia Excelsior Palace and stand in front of it

Main audience: General public

Main language for presentations: Italian




Intervention by


EUSALP in concrete: The future digitalization in the Alps workshop

Young people from the 7 EUSALP countries will take part in a Future Workshop, answering these questions:

What are the trends that might influence the future digitalization in the Alps? How will digitalization impact the future development of the Alps?


Opening and introduction into the Roadshow


Introduction of the Roadshow in connection with DAC 2022

Wolfger Mayrhofer, Permanent Secretariat of Alpine Convention


EUSALP policy dialogue part 1

Streaming from DAC 2022 political introduction


EUSALP in general

Presentation by the Permanent Secretariat of Alpine Convention of main themes from EUSALP


EUSALP in concrete

Key messages from AG3 and AG5 with stand, roll-ups, posters and interactive games


EUSALP is building a future for the Alpine region

Key messages from the EUSALP Youth council (presentation of the results of the morning workshop)


EUSALP policy dialogue part 2

Visit of the Roadshow by the participants from the Digital Alps Conference and possibility to exchange with politicians


End of the Roadshow Module



The Roadshow is a public event orientated towards the general public. Participation is free of charge. The presentations will be mainly in Italian. Documents to be distributed can also be in English (tourists, conference participants etc.).

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Hotel Savoia, Trieste

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