Roadshow stop #4 in Bolzano: Spatial Planning

Meeting topic: 


EUSALP Landscape Conference “Alpine landscapes in times of climate crisis” 

Module EUSALP Cultural program

Lunch: food tasting of regional agricultural products

Afternoon first part

Continuation of the Landscape Conference and Module EUSALP Policy dialogue

              Moderated panel discussion about spatial planning, conflicts of use in Alpine landscapes and good practices at regional and local level

              Moderation: Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention or professional moderator

              Possible participants: local politicians, mayors, city councillors, provincial councillors, members of AG6, members of regional and local administration, EUSALP youth councillors, scientists, farmers, representatives of energy providers, etc.

Afternoon second part

Module EUSALP General

Short presentation about EUSALP by the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention

Module EUSALP ConcretE:

  • AG6: EUSALP Joint Paper on spatial planning: Spatial planning in an alpine perspective: challenges and actions (Luisa Pedrazzini; REGLOM)
  • AG4: presentation of posters regarding the cross sectoral initiative “Future proofing of transport infrastructure” (Skoniezki Patrick, Bürger Michael; Land Tirol)
  • AG7: presentation of activities and results of the project LUIGI (Valentina Giombini, Lukas Egarter Vigl; EURAC Research)

Afternoon third part

Closing words (Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention)

25/05  Excursion to different types of landscapes with lecture walks

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EURAC Research, Bolzano