Swiss Presidency 2023

Working together for a sustainable alpine region


               The common characteristics and challenges in the Alpine region, as well as the diversity of cultures and languages, require active cross-border cooperation. Switzerland's central location within the Alps is a unique opportunity to intensify this cooperation in the coming years. Therefore, the Conference of Cantonal Governments (KdK) and the Confederation are taking over the presidency of the EUSALP. Switzerland is the first non-EU country to chair the Alpine Strategy.

Presidency Programme 2023

2023 will be a defining year for the EUSALP: the objective is to concentrate on a few transversal topics and to strengthen its political relevance. Content and organisation are to be brought back closer to the expectations discussed in Bad Ragaz in 2012, where the Alpine Strategy was initiated. During the presidency year, the emphasis will lie on the following three topics: Circular Economy, Water and Transport/Mobility. This is a first reduction of the diversity of topics in the EUSALP and the implicit goal of “less is more” can be pursued during the presidency. The cantons and the Confederation receive support from the new Technical Support Structure - TSS.

The presidency year will include meetings that are part of the “mandatory programme” (EB1 - and EB-BAGL2 -Meetings, General Assembly and Annual Forum) and thematic conferences that will allow to focus on strategically important topics. The thematic conferences are organised back to back with the standard meetings to better link content and committees. Given Switzerland's federal structure the presidency proposes to hold the various events in different cantons in order to strengthen the ownership and raise awareness in regards to EUSALP in Switzerland as a whole.


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Specific Objectives

This programme combines the guest canton, theme, season, language and cultural regions in the best possible way. The sequence should create a positive arc of tension, pick up on the existing competences and bring all the contents together in the Annual Forum at the end of the presidency for a concluding event.

  • 1st EB meeting 30 – 31 March 2023, Fribourg; conference on Circular Economy
  • 2nd EB meeting 15 - 16 June 2023, Grison; conference on “Water 2022 – 2050”
  • 3rd EB meeting 31 August - 1 September 2023, Ticino; conference on Transport/Mobility
  • General Assembly & Annual Forum: Bad Ragaz (SG), 18 – 19 October 2023
Roland Mayer
Role: Leader
Luca Gobbo
Role: Leader
Silvia Jost
Role: Leader

Additional Representative contacts

Carole Rageth
Sebastien Rieben